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In Search Of A Blogathon –

Friends, I have a sincere question for the movie blogger community.

Is anyone doing a blogathon in support of Black Lives Matter right now?  Or any similar “all y’all who want to understand this movement better, here’s a film to watch”?

I want to watch and read about some more films that will help me be a better ally.  I’m a supporter, but I’m white – like, I’m so white that I have an inner Karen that I keep under wraps – and that’s why I’m seeing this as an opportunity for me to watch and learn something new.

Let me know.  Thanks.

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I Discovered a Buster Blogathon!

Busterthon 6 2

My friends – if you have been reading this blog a while, you’ll know about my sweet spot for Buster Keaton.  And so it is astonishing that I have only just now discovered that they have a Buster Keaton Blogathon, despite its six-year existence

…Uh, chalk it up to my watching a lot of movies off line.

I have thrown my review of The General into the ring; I’ll be checking out the other posts at the main blogroll page.  Come join me!