We Have Buster Sign!

Undergoing Renovations

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So I am putting up Buster Sign for a couple weeks.

I’ve been preparing to move apartments; Roommate Russ and I were kind of “encouraged” to give up our apartment by a new landlord who bought out the building in May. Fortunately Roommate Russ and I have a new space, and the end of July is my last day in my current place.

For Roommate Russ this was a hassle, but a manageable one – he had only been there a year and change and didn’t have THAT much stuff, so he is already in the new space. But for me…I’d been in our current space for fifteen years, and accumulated much more in the way of just….stuff. The new place is a little smaller than our old one, but has much less closet space, so I’m in an absolute orgy of sorting and purging of things before I can even properly begin packing.

And let’s not forget my broken knee, kids! Oh, and did I mention the old apartment is on the 4th floor, and there’s no elevator?

There are some signs of helpers and hope, though – a couple of co-workers have offered to help with some toting of stuff to donation centers, and are even claiming some furniture I need to give up; I have a few neighbors coming to help as well. But this is all going to be taking some priority for the next couple weeks, so I’m going to have to wait until I’m more settled in the new place to watch the next film. But just a couple weeks, fortunately.

I can do this….

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