Extra Credit, Oscar Extra Credit

2021 Oscars – LiveBlog

Hello folks! I’ve tried liveblogging Oscar ceremonies in the past with limited success – I’ve had batteries die and an entire entry just erase itself spontaneously. But this year I’m at home on a much more reliable computer, and I am PLUGGED IN, so let’s see how this goes.

I’ll start with one nod to the red carpet – it is now 7:48 pm, Eastern time, and right now one of the biggest stories about Red Carpet Looks is Colman Domingo – who was in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, and is someone I worked with once upon a time – rolling up in a neon-hot-pink Versace suit. Colman is a delightful person and he is basically living his best life.

Colman Domingo in Atelier Versace | 2021 Oscars – The Fashion Court

Right – time to wait for the show proper.

8 pm

And we’re off – in a train station. But Questlove is doing the music for this! Interesting.

8:05 pm

Aw, I love this little “meet the nominees” thing they are doing with the screenplay nominees.

8:07 pm

And the Best Original Screenplay – Emerald Fennell for Promising Young Woman! ….Okay, I’ll take it.

8:11 pm

Best Adapted Screenplay – The Father! Yeah, I’ll take that too – it was a unique approach.

8:22 pm

Me to Roommate Russ: “Do we think that Another Round is the one that won Best International Feature because people know who Mads Mikkelson is?”

Roommate Russ: “Yeah, probably.”

8:27 pm

For the record: both LaKeith Stanfield and Daniel Kaluuya should have been Best Actor nominees, not Best Supporting Actor, in my opinion.

8:30 pm

Daniel Kaluuya, damn straight. But this was a tight one.

8:33 pm

There should be way more applause at Daniel Kaluuya’s speech….

8:41 pm

Boy, Viola Davis was really excited about the Makeup team from Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom winning their Oscar.

8:56 pm

Oh, I am so glad that Bong Joon Ho is appearing with his by-now-ubiquitous translator Sharon Choi for his appearance instead of just having him subtitled.

9:08 pm

So yeah, Sound of Metal winning for the Sound Design makes absolute sense.

9:26 pm

I have to admit it does not surprise me at all that Soul won for best Animated Feature – it was the Disney film, after all.

9:50 pm

That personal recollection from Steven Yeun watching Terminator 2 was kind of adorable.

9:54 pm

Yuh-Jung Youn for Best Supporting Actress – and she is JUST as fun as I hoped she would be.

10:05 pm

Okay, I can accept Mank for art design. But that music choice Questlove had for when they were taking the stage was….odd.

10:16 pm

Harrison Ford kicked off the intro to Best Film Editing by reading some editing notes made for Blade Runner; he is such a delightful snarker that now I want to see him do a buddy comedy with Yuh-Jung Youn.

10:33 pm

So I was in my 20s when Nine Inch Nails was big, and seeing Trent Reznor winning for the Best Score for a Disney film is surreal.

10:44 pm

I really really want to know what Andrea Day said that got blocked out for that game Questlove was playing. Or Glenn Close.

10:46 pm

Me: “So…I want to make sure I really did just see Glenn Close doing Da Butt at the Oscars. Did you see that too?”

Roommate Russ: “I mean….I did put a lot of gin in this drink, but I’m pretty sure I saw that too.”

11:00 pm

….Why is Rita Moreno covering the Best Picture before we’ve given out the acting nominations?

11:06 pm

I’m not mad at Nomadland winning for Best Picture. But – I would very much like to know why the Acting awards aren’t given out yet?

11:11 pm

Yeah, this shakeup of the traditional order is almost an unofficial confirmation that Chadwick Boseman will take it for Best Actor.

…And let’s see what Frances McDormand does for her speech this year.

11:14 pm

Best Actor goes to – whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Okay, we have switched off the Oscars here, and that ending honestly felt super-weird – Anthony Hopkins winning but not being there to make a speech, and so the ceremony felt super-rushed at the end there.

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