Administratia, We Have Buster Sign!

I Fall Down Go Boom

Buster Keaton's “Sherlock Jr.” Live Film Score by Tim Carless – The  ArtsCenter


On Sunday afternoon I watched my next film. On Monday – the day I planned to write the review – I unfortunately had a bad fall while walking to work, and have broken my kneecap. I am now forced to spend the rest of my week keeping my leg as still as possible until this following Monday, when I can get surgery to stabilize it and then start proper recovery.

As a result, my review is going to be an eensy bit delayed, hence my throwing up Buster Sign. Come Friday I may go stir crazy and try a draft anyway, but for now I’m still figuring out how to maneuver myself to and from the bathroom without Roommate Russ having to tend to me. (I think I got it, fortunately, which is a bit of a relief for us both.)

Thank you for your patience.

3 thoughts on “I Fall Down Go Boom”

    1. Ironically, it DOESN’T really hurt. it hurt when it initially HAPPENED, and before we’d stabilized my leg and before I’d figured out how to move with a completely immobilized knee, but when I keep things properly still, it’s actually painless. It helps that my instinct when I hurt something badly is “stop and don’t move the thing that got hurt” until I can get proper attention, so I snap back fairly quickly.

      It LOOKS nasty, though. I saw the x-rays a couple days later and….well, I’ve got no medical training whatsoever and even *i* immediately said “oh, yeah, that’s definitely going to need surgery.” One’s kneecap is not supposed to look like “Pac-Man.”


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