My latest review has been slow in coming, I admit.  That is because I saw another movie – the nine-minute footage of the murder of George Floyd, and writing about any other movie seemed a little frivolous for a while.

So I have a couple of other short films for you instead while I fire up my next review.

I’ve also discovered that 1920’s Within Our Gates is available, for free, on YouTube. You will remember that it is a film by African-American film pioneer Oscar Micheaux.

3 thoughts on “Intermission”

    1. That’s definitely in the roster – although, it won’t be for a while. Sadly, though, I think it’ll still be relevant….

      I live fairly close to where some of the demonstrations have been happening in Brooklyn, and have been torn between wanting to join in and being afraid that flinging my somewhat out-of-shape self into the fray would end up doing more harm than good.


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